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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Fruit and Vege Morning Tea

"Mmmmm, this food is so yum!" On Friday my class had a big food day and we tasted lots of different fruit and vegetables. I sliced, peeled, cut and smothered things. I buttered cream cheese and peanut butter in the celery, peeled the kiwifruit for the kebabs, and I also blended up the the end I licked my lips and looked at all the food.I munched all the food and dipped some capsicum and carrot into the hummus. (River)

Tonkla and I washed,cleaned and dried.   Mrs Smith baked delicious kumara chips. (Hayden)


  1. Yum!It looks like you had a great time taste testing a huge variety of fruit and vegetables. Hopefully I will get an invite if you try some other foods.

  2. Thank you for your comment. Perhaps you would like to join us for the fried chickpeas tomorrow?

  3. What did you wash and clean

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  4. You could describe the kumara chips.