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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

GROW TREE! GROW!  For a few weeks we had Bianca.So  first we started making compost and they smelt PRETTY STINKY!!! What room 4 put in the compost.First we put in crushed egg shells, coffee grinds and lots more. After a few weeks pasted the fuzzy fungus crawled onto the moldy fruit and veg.Every morning we smashed the big clumps and air them out.Once they looked like dirt room 4 put it on the plants in the garden.Making a worm farm.When Bianca came room 4 extended the worm farm in the garden. Room 4 dunked newspaper in water because the worms like sleeping in it and they eat it to and we put two containers for the worm juice.     

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  1. Ka pai Liam, James and Flynn. What type of trees have you planted?