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Wednesday, 6 July 2016


 On the 6th of July Neve,Toby,Henry. S,Rosa Kenzie,Jayden,
Mitchel,Joshua,and Grace sprinted like a cheetah spiriting for it`s prey  over to the Domain for soccer practice.

  When we got there I ran over to my car to get my soccer boots on.

 When I was getting my shoes on I asked my Dad if he had brought Nina`s present because it was her last  day coaching us.

If you do not know who Nina is she is a awesome soccer coach I even would say that she is the best coach but I actually think my dad is. 

Nina is from Germany, she is in New Zealand for a year and is going home in two weeks time.

At the end of the soccer game we thanked Nina for her help coaching our soccer team and got everyone to sign the card and her present was a morel bracelet then we all went home.

I hope Nina comes bock to coach us next year.

By Neve  


  1. Thanks for sharing your story Neve. I think Nina has enjoyed helping your team. You all looked like superstars last Saturday. Good luck for this week's game!

  2. I don't see the word bock in the dictionary.

    1. No but I wonder if the o looked like an a on her screen and she didn't notice this Henry?

    2. Henry i dont think she means bock i think she means back

  3. Hi Neve I really miss Nina