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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Slimy and Speedy

Once upon a time there lived a fish called Slimy he lived by himself with his Mum they lived in the sea it was summer time it was a very windy day and .... His Mum had a baby boy fish called Speedy three years later they both went to preschool on the first day speedy was being mean to Slimy.Then Slimy and his brother got home and Speedy got in big trouble and then Speedy said ''sorry Slimy'' its OK Speedy said and from then and on Speedy was always kind to Slimy. now it was the next week and Speedy was still being kind to Slimy and there Mum was very proud of both of them.

(by Alexa and Brooke)            


  1. Great start; I like that you have described your characters. Which of our school values does your story's message support Alexa and Brooke?

    1. but its a differint sophia

    2. Even so, the message in your story relates to our school values - honesty, inclusion, cooperation, perseverance, respect. I was wondering if you could identify which values you have in your underlying message in your story.

  2. but its about a differint sophia