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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

This is all about Hamish Bond when he was born and stuff


  1. Cool Jonty tell Toby that it was cool. I really liked the poster

  2. Hello everyone - we've put you on our class page links list - we'll do a post about your school in a little bit, probably over the weekend and our teacher has 'pinged' your class page out over Twitter. When you say that you are a rural school is that Beef? Lamb? Dairy? We've got a Dairy Farming area here where 90% of our students are involved in Dairy Farming and our biggest farm in this class would be 1000 cows. Our School has 200 students and we're a 1:1 iPad School.
    Mr Webb and Room Three, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki

  3. One of my favourite things about the Olympics is watching and learning about so many amazing Olympians from around the world! Thank you for sharing about Hamish Bond!

    I was thrilled that Andre De Grasse from my home country of Canada took home a silver medal tonight (behind Jamaica's Usain Bolt)!

    On another note, I saw a tweet about your blog this evening and I am always thrilled to see students blogging about their learning and sharing beyond the walls of their classrooms and schools. Well done! I was a teacher for fourteen years and now I work with other teachers and schools who approach teaching and learning through a global lens - they love to teach their students about the world each and every day! if your class would ever like to connect with a class here in North Carolina, I have lots of teacher friends who focus on your area of the world and they are always looking for buddy classes for Skype sessions and shared learning experiences.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks for the feed back! We hope to stay in contact with your classes and you and your friends. I'll talk to Mrs Smith about the Skype thing. Usain Bolt can go 44.7 km/h!