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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Gardening with Bianca

                                                    Gardening With Bianca

On Monday after noon Bianca the gardener came.She planted tomatos with us they hav'nt grown yet

  we caght more worms and put them in our worm farm.When we picked up a handful of dirt we

 would get honders of  worms there were big worms small worms and normal worms.Our worm

 farm is stacked with three tyres and a big square of plastic.We got to take some seeds home.When

 Bianca once came she made a carrot strip with us i still hav'nt planted mine.We opened seed pods the

first one was so so so fluffy.



  1. Great work Brooke. This looks like a lot of work for someone who is only seven! Well done.

    What kinds of seeds did you get to take home? You might be able to find a few photos of those seeds in the Room 4 2016 folder in Google Drive to add to your post. I can set you up with a buddy to help with editing and adding a photo.

    I am wondering whether you can explain why the carrot strips haven't been planted yet. I'm looking forward to hearing more!

  2. Thanks for your comment Mrs Smith i havent planted them yet because it is to cold and they might not live yes i did think i need some photos