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Monday, 5 September 2016


Our cow called Abby has just had a calf but sadly it died. My Mum has just put two new calves on Abby because all that milk for her own baby was going to go to waste. Its been hard because Abby doesn't like those calves but shes getting better at feeding them.The calves are called Alexa and Maggie they are really cute.We don't live on a dairy farm but we hand milk Abby but we do have a farm though.


  1. Thanks for posting Holly. That was very sad for Abby and your family, especially since Abby is not a part of a massive herd; it is harder when you know the animal really well. Where did you get Alexa and Maggie from? Do you take some of the milk for you as well?

  2. Thats a sham about Abby's calf,but alecst she has two calf's.Who hand milks Abby?