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Friday, 23 September 2016


Right: Dunedin Hydro-slide
Image result for moana pool
Below: Leap(a trampoline place in Dunedin

In the school holidays I'm going to Dunedin! We are going to stay at the Top 10 Holiday Park and it's one of the best motels I've been to. It's got lots of activities to do outside.

We are going to go to Leap which is a trampoline place. We are also going to the pool and go down the hydroslides and go to Inflatable world. We might go to Smiggle. 

It will happen on the 2nd week of the holidays. I bet it will be the best holiday EVER! (apart from the North Island holiday)Image result for leap dunedin


  1. What an action-packed holiday you have planned Henry! I love the hydro slide at Moana Pool and you've got a fantastic photo of it here. Who is the talented photographer who snapped this photo? Maybe we could get one of you shooting out the end of the slide? Enjoy your trip.

  2. Hi Henry. I am looking forward to hearing all about your time in Dunedin.

    I went last week and saw Shakayne, his mother and his two newborn sisters (see my post 2/10/16 for a photo). My boys went to Laser Tag, which they really enjoyed, and I went to a concert with my sister at Knox Church. The church has the most beautiful stained-glass windows and the four performers at the concert (who were really famous in the 1970s and 80s) were fabulous. Because of the shape and size of the building, the church acoustics were amazing and made their voices even more incredible; especially on the high notes.