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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Time to celebrate!

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  Mrs Smith can we please have a celebration for 

4,000 people.

Can we have a movie day or a day to do what ever we want at school or a cooking day or a pool day or a party or a pet day or a day we go to the Wetlands or go around Duntroon on a treasure hunt . So can you think about it please please please times 1,000 times.


  1. Did you read my comment on the previous post about a celebration Taylor? I thought a pamper the teacher day would be a better idea! We do have plans for some time at the Wetlands next week, but I like your idea of a move and cook day.

  2. Duntroon School
    Good luck on receiving 4,000 pageviews this is a fantastic figure and a great start to your blogging career! We love watching your blog and what your up to.
    Mr Webb and Room Three, Auroa Primary School, New Zealand

  3. OK, 31 views to go then .Wetlands here we come !:) :)

  4. 4,000 views! We've done it Room 4. Now we just need to keep making sure we have some quality writing and comments so our readers keep coming back.