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Friday, 11 November 2016

Cultural Day

Congratulations to Prashee and Sai Samyuktha for the awesome Cultural Day they organised and ran yesterday. It was a great opportunity for many students to share food, language, customs and dress with each other. The children were buzzing with talk about each culture after visiting each station. Eesha, Tonkla, Prashee, Sai, Benya, Shakaina, I-Tim, Lance and Hannah all did brilliant jobs of sharing information with the five different groups.

Prashee and Sai have many talents but their organisational and leadership abilities were highlighted over the past few weeks leading up to, and on, the day. 


  1. Hi Mrs Smith I loved culture day it was so fun

    1. Hi Isla. Thanks for commenting. I think most people really enjoyed it. We should make it a regular thing!

  2. Hi Mrs Smith I loved culture day and Prashee and sai did really well organizing it

  3. I was really pleased at the culture day.Lots of people learned new thinks from other cultures.I'm really happy about that.