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Sunday, 20 November 2016


 Today  dad and I went in a  helicopter ride because a man  was sparing our new farm.

I got to sit in the front of the helicopter in the middle of dad and a man.

When we got in the sky it felt like I was going to scream my head off.

When we were in the sky i saw a bunny and some calf's and 1 horse.

When we got back down on the ground I thanked the man for taking me on a ride in the helicopter  

by Neve Black   💮🔯✡★🌟*💥☆


  1. Wow what an exciting weekend you've had Neve! Was it noisy and shaky? Did you get to see your house from above?

  2. Thank you for commenting Mrs Smith and it was noisy and shaky. No we did not get to see our house.