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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Ice Skating!

Ice Skating!

We’re driving to school on a Monday morning and it’s skating time “.   Hi Mr McLellan I’m here, what bus do I go on”? ”You go on whatever bus you want,” says Mr McLellan. Ok, well, little bus it is “.   “Neve come and sit with me please “. “Ok then, if I can sit beside the window “, says Neve.”Neve can we listen to music on your phone “, “Ok” says Neve .TWO HOURS LATER…

 ”look, we’re in Tekapo “, says Neve. TWO Minutes later... “We’re at the skating rink “, says Neve.”Get in a line outside please “, says Miss Sim. 

 One minute later… “Time to go ice skating “, says Miss Sim. “ We’re going up the track, time to go ice skating “. We’re on the ICE   and we’re off; it  takes me a while to get used to doing ice skating again .We’re slipping and sliding on the ice . Milly and I are skating together .My Mum skated and showed me how to skate . It was awesome .I love ice skating but the sad thing is that we had to leave. 
By Taylor


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  1. What fun! The best thing about going ice skating is all of those verbs you have generated: skating, slipping, sliding, showed. It's great that you didn't have cracked, broke, split, crashed or any of those types of verbs! Well done.