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Friday, 25 November 2016

Sir Edmund Hillary

This is my Grandads friend Terry with Sir Edmund Hillary (Sir Edmund Hillary is on the right in the blue jacket!)

These pictures were taken when Sir Edmund Hillary was about 83 so he looks different. Terry was friends with Hillary. Terry said that he was a kind man who was easy to talk to! here are some more pictures of him...

Another picture of Sir Edmund Hillary

Terry and Sir Edmund Hillary

A picture at Sir Edmund Hillarys Funeral that Terry attended.

By River!


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing these precious photos River. It's amazing that he could still cope with the challenges of getting to Antarctica at that age! How did Terry get to know him? Why was he at Scott Base?

    1. Hi Mrs Smith! Terry was at Scott base as he is a doctor who looked after Sir Edmund Hillary because he was getting older.

  2. Good post River,

    I like how you have put pictures in your post and the start of your post

  3. Hi River Have you met Terry.Awesome post by the way.