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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Upper Waitaki Athletics

                                 Upper Waitaki Athletics

Take your marks, get set...GOOOOO!! On the 3rd of November 2016, it was the Upper Waitaki Athletics. I was in the 8 year old grade.

Our first sport was long jump. I jumped 2.4 metres. The next sport was long distance. I came first with the time of 1:23 and the best time! Next was high jump. I got 92cm on my second attempt but I failed on 95cm. Our 4th sport was discus. I got 8.3 metres on that. Now it was sprints. I came second and qualified for the finals. Our final sport was shot put. I came 2nd but I can't  remember how far I threw it. 

After lunch it was the sprint finals. It was the 8 yrs turn. Take your marks, get set..GOOOOO!! I started second but went down to third and finished. I was proud.

Next was relays. I was sooooo nervous because we were second to run!!! I was starting in lane 1. Finally, it was our turn. Take your marks, get set.....GOOOOO! I passed the Twizel relay team and gave the batten to Flynn. He passed the batten to Toby and he ran like a cheetah! He passed it to James and passed Waitaki Valley. We came 1st!!

Overall I think I did a great job.


  1. Wow Henry! You did well to remember most of your times and placings. It is no wonder you were all tired the next day! I was pleased to see you run in the relay; you took off like a lion chasing its prey. You participated fully. Thanks for sharing your day with us all.

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