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Thursday, 8 December 2016

My Camp Experience

On camp I learnt that if you can't see the bottom of a creek, river or a lake don't go in it; it could be dangerous. That is why camp is a good idea you learn more about things and how to keep safe. This year we went to Camp Iona. We went to caving, the cheese factory, the swimming pool, the penguin colony and the library. My favourite thing we did was the (drum roll please) penguin colony because we did a scavenger hunt. It was very enjoyable and incredible because we found tiny little penguins about the size of half a glue stick.When we went on camp Mrs Smith, Miss Sim and some parents (Raewyn, Neil, Mischa, David, Peter, and Heather) came along.

Rob from Vertical Ventures took us through the bushes into the caves. When we got to the creek I didn't want to go in the cave because I didn't like the idea of the water being too high, so Miss Sim and I stayed together.

By Brooke   

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